It’s Cool To Be Catholic!


“Catholic Cool” is a non-traditional visit to the wonderful world of Catholic media. Using folk art and traditional storytelling, we put the spotlight on Catholic media in its many forms.


When the sun goes down, folks gather on the front porch to enjoy the night air and sip sweet tea, often competing to see who tells the most captivating tale of the evening. The real phenomena is that every porch stories is actually true — exactly the way it was told. It’s a point that’s been contested on lots of porches for many decades.

The untold truth about porch stories is that folks don’t really seem to care if the facts are skewed a little or more — or if the story even includes any facts at all. What really matters is, “Is the story is interesting?”

Storytelling is an old custom around here, where the Bull Swamp mingles with the deep water of the North Edisto River. That’s where our favorite front porch just happens to be, and that’s where the best porch stories in the world are told!

We tend to think that those marvelous porch stories have much to say about who we are as a people. We tell “porch stories.”


That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it! So come on up on the porch and join us. Prepare to meet some really great folks and maybe even have some fun too. We’re sharing Catholic media with you and praying for you too!

It’s cool to be Catholic! Cool2B!

In Christ!