“Shrines! Wines! And Interesting People!” They are at the heart of life’s pilgrimage.

Wherever we go, we try to share the beauty of God, the greatness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the joy of being His friend (Jn 15:15). Our tools are cartoon and caricature art.


Mostly we draw people. We keep the exaggeration pretty mild because we want to promote who they are and what they do. Our desire is to have fun with them and for them to like the cartoons, want to keep the pictures, and even want to share them with others.

We often focus on priests and religious, but we also do caricatures of lay people who are active in ministry and apostolates. This let’s us highlight the great work these people do for the Kingdom of God. It also makes God’s work the true subject of our cartoons.

As we draw, we always keep in mind that people we are drawing reflect their Creator and His inspiration in their lives.


And we pray — a lot! You can be sure that everyone who has been a subject of our caricatures has also received our prayers as we were drawing. In a way, each caricature is the result of prayer. And we have prayed at many (most) of the locations that we draw too.

Prayer is at the heart of our work!


Enough sad for now. If you have any questions, use the CONTACT page to reach out to us.

In Christ!

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