About Prayer Pilgrimage

Join us as we “prayer walk” around the world. We’re starting in South Carolina, going across the United States, and around the world too.

What if you could go almost anywhere in the world to pray — without ever leaving the comfort and convenience of your home? Would you pray more often? For more people? In more places? Well, now you can.


Using recent technologies, Catholic Roads offers you exactly that opportunity. With your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can join others as we pray onsite nearly anywhere in the world wherever people are in need of prayer.


It’s safe! You won’t …

  • be affected by pandemics.
  • have to wear masks.
  • need vaccinations.
  • have to worry about crime.
  • be concerned with language or cultural barriers.


It’s convenient. You won’t …

  • need a passport.
  • exchange money and currencies.
  • go through airport security.
  • sit for hours at airport gates.
  • worry about lost luggage.
  • deal with crowds.
  • contend with long lines.
  • eat unusual foods that could upset your stomach.
  • sleep in hotel beds with strange noises.

In fact, you won’t even have to leave home to pray in other cities and states across the country and around the world with us ONLINE!


And it’s economical too. You won’t …

  • have to save money for a year or more to make the trip.
  • buy new clothes or shoes.
  • spend money on souvenirs.
  • send postcards to all your friends (though we are actually working on that idea!).

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